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Harris Family Medical Center

Worker's Compensation / Occupational Health

* For Employees Only *

Worker's Compensation: HFMC provides care for any injuries an employee incurs while on the job. If you get hurt, during work hours, immediately call Paddy Adamek at (321) 726-1612 or the HFMC at (321) 726-1600. If you incur an after-hours injury requiring immediate assistance, please go to the nearest urgent care center or emergency room for life threatening injuries/illnesses. It is also important to follow up with Kira Vaughn the next business day. The injured employee must file a workers comp claim in order to get worker comp benefits.

Occupational Health: HFMC provides medical surveillance physicals, vision testing, travel vaccinations and consultation as required by OSHA and Harris.

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Contact: Paddy Adamek
Phone: (321) 726-1612
Fax: (321) 726-1617

Note: Worker's Compensation services are separate and distinct from regular care provided at HFMC. There will be a separate chart for any occupation-related problem, and you will generally be assigned to a physician other than your PCP. This is to protect you, as your worker's compensation records may be reviewed by Harris.

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