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Harris Family Medical Center


HFMC is available to any Harris employee or dependent participating in the Harris Medical Plan. This includes participants who have selected one of the Harris Cigna plans. Retirees who were enrolled in a Harris Cigna plan as of 12/31/14 are eligible to use HFMC, but should check with their current insurance carrier to determine whether HFMC is in-network or out-of-network. You may also contact HFMC to help estimate any costs for services rendered at the facility.

You may use HFMC for urgent care and pharmacy services whether or not you have a HFMC physician listed as your Primary Care Physician (PCP). However, the lab, diabetes educator, mental health counselors and after-hours physician access are limited to those patients who have chosen a HFMC physician for their PCP.

(See the Summary Plan Description, Medical Section for more information)

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